ashley george

Prof. Ashley George

Future-Fit Manifesto Contributor

President & Founder, Tech For Good

Prof Ashley George PhD, FRSC is an old and cynical chemist who has spent much of his career in the global biopharmaceutical industry, including 8 years as the Global Head of Innovation and Consumerisation Centre of Excellence for GlaxoSmithKline. This CoE worked globally across both Research & Development, manufacturing supply chain, commercial sales and marketing not only for Pharmaceutical products, but also for Consumer Health, Vaccines and internal employees. Innovation strategies & deliverables, were not only the classical internal employee facing processes, methodologies & associated Pilots/MVPs/Products, but also externally facing ecosystems with the co-creation with other organisations and culminating in “pure” public facing global open innovation, e.g. 4 years of GSK and Save the Children & the annual Health Innovation award to tackle innovations that reduce deaths in children under five.

Ashley now has developed a global portfolio career, including being President of, a Visiting Chemistry Professor at University College London, and CEO of Creative Digital Engineers, a company that is staffed by battle-hardened, pragmatic technologists who are not looking to “build a unicorn” but rather to “leave a legacy”. After all, why should millennials have all the fun! is a US based global Not-for-Profit organisation, 501C3, that is using the pragmatic, battle-hardened experience of running 4 years of public facing open innovation engagements & offer this pragmatic “Magic Sauce” to TechForGood members so they can run and engage with global public facing open innovations that directly relate to progressing the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, UN SDGs.