Manifesto for Future-Fit Organizations

This collective work declares a strategic approach that builds on the Agile Manifesto for organizations to explore new possibilities, to seek new frontiers, and to boldly create new futures.
Future-Fit organizations, with their Community of employees, customers, partners, academia, and governments, value:
Collaborative culture over individuals and interactions
Innovative systems over working software
Discovering opportunities over customer collaboration
Creating alternate futures over responding to change
That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

Twelve Principles of Future-Fit Organizations

Delight stakeholders through continuous delivery of unique and valuable solutions.
Welcome creativity and learning all the time. Future-Fit processes harness change for the greater good or to gain strategic advantage.
Shape the future through a range of initiatives, from quick wins to long shots, with a preference for game-changing opportunities.
The organization must continuously cocreate with the Community.
Build systems that support a diverse and inclusive culture. Unboss the environment; trust and motivate everyone to deliver long-term results.
The most efficient and effective method of sharing information with your Community is a mix of digital and in-person communication.
Innovative solutions that realize stakeholders’ aspirations are the primary measure of progress.
Future-Fit processes promote sustainable growth and development. Everyone can fearlessly contribute and change pace given the context.
Continuous attention to emerging trends, regulations, and governance enhances future-fitness.
Innovation — the art of relentlessly challenging the status quo — is essential.
The best models, methods, and concepts emerge from Community interactions.
At all times, the organization reflects on how to become more Future-Fit, then tunes and adjusts its behavior and systems accordingly.


Ludwig Melik
Chief Executive Officer
Rudolf Melik
Director of Strategy
John Metselaar
Professor of Management Practice in Leading & Living Innovation
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
Margo Visitacion
Vice President and Principal Analyst
Forrester Research
Alice de Casanove
ISO TC 279 Innovation Management — ISO 56000 Series
Gijs van Wulfen
FORTH Innovation Institute
Raphael H. Cohen
Academic Fellow
University of Geneva
Brett Trusko
Chief Executive Officer
International Association of Innovation Professionals
Anthony Mills
Executive Director
Global Innovation Institute
Cris Beswick
Innovation Advisory Firm OUTCOME
Rick Freedman
Enterprise Agile Consultant
Bank of America


Scott Kirsner
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Innovation Leader
Prof. Ashley George
President & Founder
Tech For Good
Heather Wishart-Smith
Senior Vice President, Technology & Innovation
Hiro Nishiguchi
Chief Executive Officer
Japan Innovation Network
Dr. Charles Chao Rong Phua
Chief Executive Officer
Solaris Strategies Singapore
Jean-Yves Reynaud
Systemic Coach & Agile Consultant
Thornton May
Founder, Futurist & Executive Director
The Digital Value Institute
Rick Fernandez
20-20 Innovation, Inc
Frank Voehl
Administrator US TAG for Innovation ISO 50500
International Association of Innovation Professionals
Hans Balmaekers
Shawn Nason
Chief Executive Officer
Disruptor League
Lee R. Lambert
Chief Executive Officer
Lambert Consulting
Stephanie Robertson
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Tom Brazil
Chief Digital & Innovation Officer
Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc (ICS)


Sonia Couture
Future-Fit Manifesto
Lucas Potasso-Justino
Future-Fit Manifesto

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