Independent Signatories

The Future-Fit Manifesto is supported by an alliance of forward-looking individuals across a range of geographies, industries, and professions. These people are:
Stuart Rojas
Eric Seulliet
Raul Estevez
Rody Vonk
David Savarese
Benjamin Atkinson
Alvaro Reynoso
Ricardo P. Cantu
Thomas Knoll
Loredana Regep
Dickon Laws
Mohamed Sorour
The greatest challenge for innovation is the mindset of the organization’s head people. So innovation in this case is doubled effort. One is how can you persuade and the other one is how can you deliver results.
Mohammad Habib
Sérgio Henrique Backes
Paul Kinghorn
Future-Fit organizations understand the need to not only embrace the principles contained this manifesto, but to embody them. These ideas are as applicable to the world’s largest organizations as they are to startups and middle-market firms. Carpe Diem!
Zammit Pascal
Elizabeth Neumaier
Christiane Brackman
Great initiative!
Soha Radwan
Miguel Martínez
This initiative is so visionary to change the traditional perspective of Agile in organizations. A thousand thanks, and congratulations for this outcome!
Lucas van Ardenne
Vladimir Manuel
Ma Josefina Reyes
Maryam Daryabegi
Christine Bezard
Moyez Kassam
Jorge Juárez Li
Alfredo Pérsico
Mathieu Derrey
Kate Papilio
Michael Sioufas
Lani Beer
Richer Francois
Marleen Dekker
Bruno Solferini
Ali Kiliç
Brian Shannon
Antonio Kovacevic
Dennis Jones
Deb Korbe
Michele Di Marino
Peter Dry
Katja Tschimmel
Pooja H. S. Vijay
James Lewis
Looking forward to an innovative, sustainable, Future-Fit world where we are leaders, with our most valued assets, creating opportunity and leading the way.
Kaspar Van Hulst
Julian Forero
Karla Cupa Lezo
The Future-Fit Manifesto is a great idea to face the challenging changes that are coming. I am totally convinced that organizations must continuously cocreate with the Community (start ups, ONGs, private & public institutions) together to innovate.
Carlos de la Cruz Guevara
Kevin In’t Veld
Patricia Viacava
Ruben Scuglia
Javier Baquerizo
Mariana Gallegos García Conde
What an amazing project! Congrats!
Joseph Abreu
Dan Gordon
Racchel Gordon
Philippe Duffort
Tim Britt
Hugo Goncalves
Lilian Del Negro
Karen Meidlinger
Nacho Villoch
I firmly believe that the future should interest us because it is where we are going to spend the rest of our lives. I believe that it is the individual responsibility of each one to design our best possible future, with all the creativity and good judgment that we are capable of.
Vincent Tobias
Chandreyi Saha
Manuel Maias
Syed Azfar Hussain
Dr. Zeljko Cancarevic
Hemant Thite
Adrian Francis
There can be a tremendous gap between functionally complete, and aligned with an organization’s vision. Future-Fit aspires to normalize efforts toward a higher level.
Helene Barrie
I’m passionate about the conversation that considers the future of business, solutions, innovations, the challenges, the possibilities, different perspectives and how it relates to our organizations and the people.
Louise Lambert
Pedro Mateos
Koen Cuyckens
Alfredo Gonzalez
Gaurav Mishra
Jelto von Schuckmann
This is a wonderful initiative and speaks a lot to me!
Sunil Rao
Martine Delannoy
Justin Chow
Steve Pham
Barbara Skerritt
Brice Beard
Sofia Lelakowska
Viren Naroola
Dosan Kim
Elizabeth Kiehner
Mohammad Habib
Chander Nagpal
Rodrigo Cortopassi Goron Lobo
Evelyn Cordeiro
Peter Shorthouse
Hector Ballesteros
Edwin Corbett
Wim Tobback
Ritesh Dhanak
Varsha Kakati
Rosalie Hallenbeck
Tom Goodwin
Jesus Checa
Brian Kennedy
Jason Buchnea
Nikila Ravi
Wayne Clancy
Great work. Fully aligned with the values and principles! Looking forward to the possibilities!
Stefan Kohn
Khaliq Ur Rehman
Helene Barrie
Fabian Vandenreydt
Oana Stoica
Inna Gerasimova
Tiina Tawaststjerna
Jan Finnesand
Alvaro Reynoso
Piritta Syrjälä
Sabine Igler
Christian Cochran
Eliud Aganze
Mateus Haubert
Hubert Raper
Jurgen Arvelo
Karla Cupa
Ahmad Altarawneh
Ludovic Pilet
Claire Quigley
Vishnu Varthanan Moorthy
Sudhir Singh
Anup Das
Steve Curtis
Manuel Rodriguez
Luis Rincones
Great Initiative!
Ivan Ramirez
Abe Janis
Anna Muir
Ankita Deshpande
Prakash Pattisapu
Engin Akgün
Ramona Genes
Robert Cissell
Somila Kakshapati
Jon Rains
Committed to using ISO 56000 Series and a collaborative mindset to improve social outcomes.
Matrina Poston
Magnolia Albertazzi
Pedro Valido
Salem Bagami
Victoria Smith
Santiago Mazzeo
Bruna Casella
Michelle Ellis
Matthew Haddaway
Maria Halse Duloquin
Lucilla Fazio
Jose Pratas
Ramesh Arunashalam
Sara Sedighi
Alvaro Reynoso
I love the manifesto because it has a strategic, comprehensive and systemic approach to agility and focuses on the foundations of building future-ready organizations.
Nishtha Jain
Lauren Hefferon
Tadeu Martins
Sankhdeep Mitra
Carlos Tay
Hugo Lourenco
Paulo Abreu
Osama Afif
Adam Garrett
Mrinmoy Chakraborty
Dennis Smith

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